Since I’ve been spending so much time at home these days I’ve been doing some cleaning. I recently reorganized my cookbooks.

This is just part of my collection, but I like to read cookbooks and I like to mess around in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. Especially baked goods.

As I reorganized the cookbooks, I found The Greyston Bakery Cookbook, where I had marked several recipes, but I had never tried any of them.  The Blondie recipe caught my attention so that’s what I made.


My mom used to make blondies for us when we were kids. They are similar to brownies, but do not contain the chocolate and so are much paler.

Mom’s recipe

The Greyston Cookbook recipe was similar to Mom’s, but there were a few differences.

The blondies turned out great, but I do prefer mom’s recipe!

Let me know if you try mom’s version!

Stay safe.

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